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Oct. 7th, 2017 04:17 pm
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Hello, yuletide writer! I am so delighted that you are writing for me in one of these small fandoms! As always, my first priority is that you have FUN writing for me! If there's something you've been dying to write, please take this opportunity to write it—I'm going to love anything you write for me in any of these fandoms. ♥

Standard Content:

As you know, all optional details are optional, but here are some further specifics about what I tend to enjoy:

— families and found families
— enemy love stories
— revenge
— world-building, backstory, and future fic
— history and storytelling
— porn with feelings
— kink negotiations
— polyamory and poly negotiations
— kid fic
— people who talk about their feelings; alternatively, people who are bad at talking about their feelings
— shenanigans, heists, and adventures

I'm very relationship-focused, but all of my requests are also interested in the worlds (and maybe more specifically, this year, the style, tone, and atmosphere) of these fandoms, and I would love a story that expands and explores the universe, as well as the characters and their relationships! Complicated relationship dynamics and found families are my bulletproof forever loves. I care a lot about canon, but that doesn't mean you have to treat canon with reverence. I like plot, and I like sex and romance that is integral to the plot; however, if you don't want to write porn (or even romance), that is okay! I like dialogue, and people who are too smart or witty or dangerous for their own good, and moral ambiguity. I like humor, and realism, and the fantastic, and the ridiculous. I like queerness. I like revenge, and people who fight (and/or commit) crime. I like laughter in the face of despair. I like things that are bittersweet, and happy endings, and sad endings, and the inevitable.

There are not many things that I really dislike in fiction, but I would generally prefer that you avoided rape, noncon, extreme torture, and excessive gore—except where canonical or canon-appropriate. I also can't do zombies, and would appreciate if you warned for any non-canonical character death. I don't respond well to characters becoming objects of ridicule for no reason, or to pointless meanness—call it an embarrassment squick. I am pretty quickly turned off by major stylistic and grammatical errors, and unexplained and/or irregular POV switches. (I know this sounds really pretentious, but stylistic errors and inconsistencies pull me out of stories much faster than anything else.)

My AO3 (including bookmarks from yuletides past) and tumblr are public (although I haven't been on tumblr much recently, so it's not very up to date), and my yuletide tag on dreamwidth is mostly public. You should, of course, also feel free to stalk me on the internet or ask my friends for help!

Canon-Specific Content:

Third Crusade RPF, Moonlight (2016), The Good Place, Camelot - Lerner/Loewe, and The Great British Bake Off RPF, what a weird collection of fandoms )


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